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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Glucose tolerance test this morning.

Hi everyone,

I know I've been totally missing (from here and the bump boards). I've been busy at work and also trying my best to not use my work time to get on the internet for non-work purposes...it's hard!

I had my glucose tolerance test appointment this morning. I had the fruit punch flavor which I hear is the best one. It wasn't bad at all. Just really sugary. Then I went in, had my blood drawn, and a regular appointment. I had mine early because of the PCOS but even if this one turns out normal I still have to do another one at 30 weeks.

I weighed in at 165 this morning. The last two weigh-ins were in the evening but this one was in the early morning before eating anything (but after drinking the glucose) so I think this one is pretty accurate. So I've only gained 3lbs so far. I told my doctor that I feel like I'm carrying larger than other first time pregnant women at the same gestation but I've not gained much weight. Not that I'm complaining I just want to make sure that's not a sign of anything bad. I mean, I haven't had morning sickness at all so it can't be due to throwing up. And I eat when I'm hungry. I think it's because I haven't really had cravings and I did stop eating sugar and heavy carbs (well, I've reduced dramatically) since my doctor said I'm at a higher risk for gestational diabetes. I really want to avoid developing it so I've just adjusted the types of foods I eat regularly...switched to sugar free stuff since I have a sweet tooth.

I have to call back on Monday or Tuesday to find out the results. Unless it's bad then they will call me as soon as they know.

I'm going on 23 weeks on Saturday! Yippie!! 17 weeks left! We are going to work on the nursery soon.

Oh! We may have found a day care center that we love!! We've seen 4 so far and we have a 5th to see on the 22nd this month. But the first 3 sucked. They ranged from expensive and dingy, to downright dirty and bug infested. The 4th we went to was like heaven! And not even just because it was compared to the others, but it was really really nice. Clean, bright, huge, great security and outdoor spaces, great programming! We loved it. Once we check with the 5th and final site we will make our decision. It's exciting and nerve wracking because I know I'd rather nothing more than to have my little one with me all the time but...reality is we can't afford for me to be a SAHM. We are a 2 income household and that's the best for us.

Well, anyway...thanks to Amber Z who reminded me about blogging. Now off to visit her site!