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Monday, October 18, 2010

Leaky nip!

Imagine my surprise this weekend when I look down and realize my left nip has a little bead of fluid on the tip! I was about to hop into the shower when I noticed. I quickly called hubbs to check it out with me...I was so excited (I'm a dork!)!!

He was so excited too!! There we were, I'm half naked in our hallway and we're both staring at this tiny droplet on my boob with HUGE cheesy grins on our faces! It was pretty amazing...lol

He encouraged me to squeeze to see if more would come out since I had wiped the fluid away and sure enough a tiny bit more started to appear there. My right boob isn't producing anything as of yet but I'm taking this as a good sign! I know that even for women who don't leak anything at all during pregnancy, breast feeding could and does work perfectly. And I'm sure that even for women who leak a ton during pregnancy, breast feeding could be tough. But I'm choosing to believe that this is a good sign for me!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Anniverssary update and pics :)

Yesterday was our 2nd Anniversary :) We started our day by taking some photos at home. I woke up with the picture bug so I was snapping away even before I'd gotten out of bed. I'll spare you the pics of my sleeping hubbs, lol. Once we got dressed, hubbs wanted to try out his skills with the new camera so we decided to take a few pics in the baby's room. This is one of the shots he took that he loves:

We then ended up visiting one of the child care facilities we're considering for a second time. I know it sounds weird to do this on your anniversary but we both had the day off and really wanted to see the facility during the day when things are really happening. I think we'll end up registering there because it's a decent center and it's not one of the most expensive.

After that we went to the bakery where our wedding cake was made to pick up a mini version (same type of cake and filling - yellow cake with raspberry preserves and chocolate mousse). Since we were in the neighborhood, we decided to head to the church where we got married to snap a few photos and then went across the street to the park where we also took some photos on our wedding day. I just happened to have a tripod in the car from a work event. It was a lot of fun! Here is the very last picture we took at the park:

Afterwards, we headed home to relax a little and change for dinner. Unfortunately, there was a work-related catastophe going down at hubb's job that needed his attention so he did a couple conference calls while I napped on the couch.
We went to dinner at 6pm at a little place called the Green Olive and stuffed ourselves silly! We had bread and butter pre-appetizer. Then we had an order of bruschetta and shrimp and beans with brocolli rabe (yes, for appetizer lol). Lastly, I had the filet mignon with mashed potatoes and hubbs had the Osso Bucco over mushroom risotto. We practically cleaned our plates!
We then went home to watch some Dexter (Season 4 on DVD) while I fought sleep and then took a Dexter break to eat a little slice of our anniversary cake. By then, I was BEAT so we called it a night!

Monday, October 11, 2010

My surprise anniversary present from DH!

On Saturday, hubbs and I were cleaning the house, painting Ryan's room and doing some other stuff around the house. I don't remember how the subject came up but we started talking about one of our best friend's camera's and how I have wanted a similar camera for when Ryan is born to take really awesome pictures. We've discussed it before but I never pushed it because it's expensive and really we could get plenty of baby stuff with the money it would cost to get the camera. I happened to say something like "Oh! We should get the camera as an anniversary gift to each other!" but then quickly said "no, no we should probably get a crib and other stuff we need.

I was cleaning the dining room windows when hubbs walks up behind me with a box saying "well I was going to wait but since we are talking about it". It was unwrapped so I was able to see that it was the exact camera I'd wanted all along!!

It's the Canon Rebel T1i (DSLR) with the EF-S 18-55mm lens kit!! OMG I was so excited! I just could not believe that he had gone and bought this camera! It is truely OUR camera which I'm so excited about because I really want both of us to learn how to use it to it's full capabilities. I found a great series of tutorials on youtube that I already started watching to familiarize myself with it. Hubbs is going to watch them too so he can be ready on the date of delivery.

After cleaning up I was so excited to start testing out the camera with a ton of pictures of our kitty, Chandler. I'm at work right now so I can't upload the photos but I will soon so you can see the quality of the photos...and that's just on automatic settings. I'm excited to learn how to use the manual settings so I can get so much more out of it.

Tomorrow is our anniversary and we're going to go out to dinner and just spend the day together. It'll just be so nice to sleep in for another day too!

On another note, my Dad, stepmom, and stepbrother came to visit us in our new apartment yesterday (well new as of July 1st but it was their first time visiting us there). It is the first time my dad has seen us since I really started showing. We saw them last at the end of May so at least 4 months ago. It was nice to see my Dad so excited to see me with a belly...lol. He actually talked to Ryan while both hands where on my belly for a good couple of minutes then he prayed long and hard over him and us (he's a minister if I haven't mentioned it before). We had a lovely dinner and great conversation.

Lastly, I mentioned before that hubbs was painting Ryan's room this weekend. It already looks so adorable and we don't even have the crib and accesories in the room yet. We did the room in a cool grey and one of the walls is brown. The furniture we have in there so far is all a natural finish which actually looks great against the walls. We also got blinds and curtains up. It already looks awesome! I'll take some pics soon for you to see when we get all the other crap moved out of that room (it's currently still serving as storage for a few items).

That's all for now! Byee!

Friday, October 8, 2010

A week away from 3rd tri & a NAME!

I can't say that this pregnancy is flying by as many people say...but I can't believe I'm almost in my 3rd trimester. Does that make sense?? Sometimes it feels like this is a loooong process but it's because I can't wait to meet our little boy. But then I think to myself...hmmm, our baby shower is only 6 weeks away and baby will be here in 3 short months!

The room isnt ready! We have almost nothing for the baby yet! Are we taking too long to get started??!! But really, this is plenty of time and I know that...really I do!

By the way, our son's name is RYAN GABRIEL...love it. It means "King, Hero of God" I just love that!

I didn't take belly pics the last 2 weeks but I did take one yesterday and I may take one tomorrow at 27 weeks.

I passed my first 1 hour glucose test at 22 weeks and I have to take another one at 30 weeks which is scheduled for November 5th. I've only gained about 6 pounds according to my doctor's scale and about 3-4 pounds according to my home scale. At my doctors office it depends on what time my appointment is (sometimes morning, sometimes evening) and it also depends on what room I'm in - each room has it's own scale so it's always a different scale). At home, I always use the same scale and I always do it in the morning after I pee. Anyway...I'm almost 7 months and haven't gained much weight. The doctor doesn't seem concerned so I guess it's ok.

I haven't developed any stretch marks as of yet but there's plenty of time for that. My belly button is definitely changing though. It's super shallow now so I'm just waiting for the outtie to start showing itself.

Ryan is moving so much every day...I just love that. It's changing though so it's very interesting. There's less kicking and more stretching, twisting, and turning in there. It's funny around 8pm-10pm he starts a party in there...I can just sit there and watch my belly go wild!

Oh by the way...my second wedding anniversary is coming up on Tuesday! We're taking the day off work and spending time together. We're going to dinner and stuff like that. I'm considering buying a small cake from the same bakery that did our wedding cake with the same filling and everything as maybe a little tradition we can start. We may also go visit one of the day care centers again (that's another post in and of itself).

Speaking of traditions, once we moved in together about 4 years ago we started a Christmas tradition where we purchase a personalized ornament that represents something special that happened that year (engagement, marriage, and now we're expecting!). The new ornament is adorable and I can't wait for next year..."Baby's First Christmas!"

That's all for now! Talk to you soon!