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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Gained 3 lbs in 11 days :(

So far, according to the scales in my doctor's office, I've gained a total of 17 pounds as of today (34 weeks 3 days). However, I'm going to weigh myself at home on my scale because that usually gives me a lower number. And since I weigh myself in a consistent manner on there,I'll go with that one lol.

I know it's silly but I do want to make sure I don't overdo it with the weight gain. I'd like to be able to get back into my pre-pregnancy weight relatively fast and then continue to lose weight from there...we shall see.

The doc also did the Group B Strep test today and at my next appointment (in 2 weeks) I will have my first internal and the growth ultrasound done as well. I asked the doctor about their philosophy on induction/c-section and he said that they will go until 41 weeks if everything else is ok before they would do an induction if they are seeing no progress. I guess I'm ok with that.

He also asked when I'm planning on taking my leave from work. I think I'm going to shoot for 39 weeks which is right up until New Year's. I will most likely not come back after the holidays but I'm nervous that I might not deliver until after my due date and I'll have to come back to work when the baby is less than 12 weeks :( I'd really love to spend as much time with him as possible but I also want to take it easy before he comes too. There is lots to think about with regard to work so I guess I have to figure this one out. I'm going to meet with my boss today to discuss my coverage while I'm out so hopefully we can iron out some details today.

I'm also taking a few vacation days right before the New Year so really, I might be out of the office by December 28th. Lot's to plan!

Still no stretch marks (yay!)...

Acid reflux is kicking my butt...

My lady bits are feeling a little sore...

My inner/upper thigh area (right where my leg connects to the groin area) aches...

My hips hurt all night...

My back hurts when I've stayed in one position too long or when I've been on my feet a lot...

I get braxton hicks multiple times daily...

Still got an inny (although getting flatter and flatter every day)...

That's about it, folks! Oh I'm approaching my 35/35 milestone this Saturday!!! WOOT WOOT!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Baby Shower pics!

Hubbs and I by the cake:Close up of main cake:
Main round cakes and block cakes
Me and my sister-in-laws
The little ones wanted a piece of the action at present opening time!
The hall and guests:

Sneak peak at our baby shower loot (and unfinished nursery)

My baby shower was on Saturday and a TON of family and friends showed up to support and shower us with gifts! Pictures of the shower itself are to come in another post (there are lots of great pictures) but I wanted to show what our little Ryan's room looks like right now with mountains of gifts piled inside. I organized all of the gifts from the shower last night and put them in groups in his room just to get it all out of the living and dining room.

To give you a sense of how anal and organized I can be at times: I typed out a list of gifts and who gave us said gifts and I labeled all of the gift receipts.

These pictures should provide an overview of what we received at the shower (these are crappy cell phone pics, fyi):

Not pictured are some other items that we received by mail before the shower (most of which are in the baby's closet): Space saver high chair, bottle warmer, bottle cooler, glow seahorse, blankets, more clothes and accessories, swing, humidifier, etc.
I'll also do another post with pictures of the nursery hopefully soon. It won't be 100% complete until at lest 2 months after Ryan is born because my mom is staying with us from Florida for 3 weeks so she'll be using the baby's room so we won't build the crib (which is yet to come) until she leaves since Ryan will be staying in our room in the beginning. Holy run-on!! lol But I will take some pictures of the room after we get some stuff further organized and actually put away in their place. We're also considering getting another dresser for the room since I think we'll need the storage space.
In case you're wondering from viewing the above pictures, most of the walls are a light grey and one of the walls (which has the dresser up against it and the TV mounted above it) is a chocolate brown.

Friday, November 19, 2010

I don't know how I got so blessed!

Literally an hour or two after I purchased that stuff for super duper discount earlier today (see post below) I went back to the site to look at other items in the same line and all the stuff I'd just purchased was back to the original pricing!! I don't know if it was some crazy glitch in their system or if maybe I had caught the last couple of hours (minutes?) of that sale but I am so happy I purchased when I did!!

I just saved $365 on babysrus.com!!

I'm so damn excited! I just spent $75 on a $440 order online at babysrus.com!!

I went on my registry to stalk the purchases since tomorrow is my baby shower (I know...I'm klassy) but nothing had changed in terms of new orders but I happened to glance at the crib mattress on my registry and noticed that it was 50% reduced from yesterday. I happened to specifically check the crib mattress yesterday because I was looking up the dimensions and I was also comparing it to another mattress that was going to be 50% off for black friday.

I realizing my crib mattress was marked 50% off today so I started checking my other registry items to see what else, if anything, had been reduced. All of my nursey accessories from NoJo were on sale too!! I had a hamper, lamp, mobile, blanket, crib sheet, wall hangings, wall decals all a matching theme and ALL were on sale. The $50 mobile was only $11! The $40 lamp was only $13! The $20 crib sheet was only $5 and so on and so on!!! I was so excited I called hubbs right away to let him know.

His job had given us a $100 gift card which we still hadn't used since we were going to wait until after the shower to use it. We just decided to go ahead and get it today because all of those items were online only items and we knew that at this point the rest of our guests probably weren't going to order online since the shower is tomorrow.

So all in all I spent $75 on all of those items which basically was to cover the shipping and tax. I cannot wait to receive all of those items!! Yippieeeee!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I'm a clumsy pregnant lady :(

I actually fell this morning :( It wasn't too long ago that I was thinking to myself...hmmm it's been a while since I've fallen. It's inevitable that I will fall sometime in the future but when? Hopefully not while I'm pregnant because then I'd add paranoia to my embarrassment and that's just not fun.

So it happened this morning finally. Hopefully this means it won't happen again for a long while...let's see. It's a rainy day and our main office has these really slick marble tiles in the main lobby area. As soon as I set foot on that tile my foot just slipped, my ankle twisted and I went down. I landed on my hands and knees...hot...but I didn't really feel like I hurt anything important. My belly area felt fine.

Everyone at the office immediately started telling me I should call my doctor just in case. This actually made me so nervous. One person even said I should go to the hospital. I decided to wait a half an hour until my OB office opened up to call them. The doctor said that as long as I didn't fall on my stomach and as long I'm feeling the baby move around like I normally would and I don't start bleeding vaginally then I should be fine and wouldn't have to come in. Well...check, check, check so I feel better now. I had to sit through a meeting for that first half hour until my doctor's office opened with my heart racing. I just couldn't calm down enough to regulate my heart rate from the nerves. Immediately after the call, my heart rate regulated. I feel so much better now.

I wasn't even wearing heels, DOH!...LOL

Monday, November 8, 2010

Passed my 2nd 1hr GTT!!

My OB wanted me to have a GTT done a little earlier than normal (about 2 months ago) which I passed but then wanted me to do it again when pregnant woman normally get tested around 30 weeks due to my increased risk of GD from the PCOS. But it seems I must have PCOS without the insulin resistance...woohoo!! I took the 2nd 1 hour GTT on Friday and they just called me back today to tell me it came back normal again! Yay, no 3 hour GTT for me!! Oh, and no blood sugar testing, strict dieting, etc.

However, my iron is low again...ugh! After the 1st GTT they had me go on iron supplements which I've been taking daily (an additional 65mg) even though my PNV already has a ton of iron. Apparently, that hasn't done the trick so I have to double up on the iron supplements. Unfortunately, that's pretty much guaranteed to make me more constipated than I already am so she advised me to drink prune juice daily.

Uh uh! I don't do prune juice. Last time I had it, it didn't work and all it did was give me terrible gas cramps. This time I'll be drinking a nice big glass of Metamucil and a Colace daily.

Wish me luck!

Friday, November 5, 2010

I'm a lousy blogger :( UPDATES

I'm sorry to anyone out there that actually takes time to read my blog. Sometimes I feel like I really have nothing to report. Maybe my life is boring...here's what's new:

My baby shower is in 2 weeks! We are having such a huge party...I'm serious. I think more people will show up than at our wedding. We are setting up seats for 140 people. No, that's not a typo...1-4-0 people lol.

This may sound crazy and tacky but my husband and I are hosting the shower. It's more common among our families that the Godparents host the shower (not the parents or friends like in other traditions) but we didn't want to burden them with the expense. And everyone is expecting a shower and had been asking. Hubbs' cousin actually did this with their baby shower because they don't do Godparents in their religion so the husband hosted the shower himself and no one batted an eye.

Anywho...We rented an American Legion hall and are having our family members cook. We bought all the decorations, favors, liquor and other beverages...we're even buying the food that our family members will cook. Hubbs has a few cousin's that DJ so one of them will be providing the music. My SIL (brother's wife) has the traditional shower wicker chair so we don't have to rent that.

I registered only at Babies R Us and surprisingly nearly 30 items have already been purchased! I know I shouldn't stalk the registry but it's so fun to see more things get purchased. I should say that before sending out the invites with the registry info, I added up the cost of every last item on the registry and discussed with DH that it should be an amount that even if we weren't having a shower (or even if we did have the shower and all the expenses of the shower but received not 1 gift), he and I would be able to afford to purchase everything on our own. That made us feel better to know that we were being responsible and not relying on the shower to provide the things we needed for OUR baby.

We are still working on the baby's room. We still have all the accessories, wall art, and a crib to get so no pictures yet. Plus even when we get the crib we're not going to put it together right away because my mom is coming to stay with us for 2-3 weeks after the baby is born and we're going to set up a bed for her in the baby's room first while the baby stays in our room (in his cosleeper). The room is acting as storage for the baby shower decorations and cases of beer lol.

I had my 30 week OB appointment this morning (even though I'm 31 weeks tomorrow). It went so fast! I had a second 1 hour GTT (because of my PCOS) so I hope I passed again. I weighed in at 174 which is a total gain of 12 pounds in nearly 8 months. About half of that was gained in the last month so I think I need to start looking at my eating habits again so my weight doesn't start to snowball. Everything is looking good. The doctor did my annual pap since I was due. He said my cervix is nice and closed so that's good. Baby's HB sounded good, BP was good, etc.

Now I start going every 2 weeks and then around 36 weeks I will get a growth ultrasound...so looking forward to that! And then every week...ahhhhh! It's all happening, isn't it?!

No stretch marks on my belly yet...belly button is starting to flatten out a little more. Nights are getting tougher because sometimes I feel like I can't get in enough air...like my lungs don't have much room in there anymore to expand fully. And my hips hurt all night too so I toss and turn. Ryan is moving lots all day which I love!

That's all for now!