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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

We're still here :-/

Well....where do I begin?

I can't believe I haven't posted in 6+ months.  I am a terrible blogger, I admit.  I wish I was better at this but I'm just not.  I do, however, often visit and catch up on the blogs I follow. 

Maybe I'll start with some pictures...who doesn't love to see pictures?

 This was taken last weekend.  Ryan loves wearing his sunglasses outside.

 Close up!

 This was actually taken 4 months ago when Ryan started a new class in day care called the Froggy room.  This set up is inside his actual room.  They sleep on cots.

 This was maybe a month ago.  My Sister-in-law was staying in a nearby hotel and we went to crash their pool lol...


 Loving his ice cream...it's just his size!

 Funny face!

 I love his day care.  They have a petting zoo set up in their parking lot every year.  Ryan was so cute...he wanted to pet everything he could see.  Small cows, goats, rabbits, etc.

 Playing in a box at home lol


So here are some quick updates:

Mostly everything is "same ol', same ol'" with me except that I've lost 26 pounds.  I've been on Weight Watchers since mid April.  It's been really great.  I've begun to walk a few miles through my town for exercise and I've been watching what I eat.

Hubby has been "same ol', same ol" except for 2 things: he has lost 45+ pounds and he had knee surgery recently.  He will be back to work in about a week.  He works from home most of the time though which is good.

As for Ryan, of course, so much has changed.  He says over 50 words now and 6 sentences, including "Ohhhhh nnnnnnnooooo!" which is among my favorite.  He's been really low on the weight percentiles (hovering around 3%-5%) but we're not worried.  We were for a little while there because he was actually dropping off her curve but he's stabilizing now and still growing.  He bit 2 kids in day care in the last week which is "not nice!".  They squirt lemon juice into his mouth when he does it so I think he's understanding that it's not a desirable thing to do.  "Not nice" is another sentence he says lol.  No signs of being ready for the potty or a toddler bed which is just fine with us.  He is pretty consistently having ear and sinus infections.  He got ear tubes placed months ago but he's had one ear infection and one sinus infection since then.  He does have enlarged adenoids but he's too young for surgery still.  I think we're going to take him back to the ENT soon.  Maybe get a second opinion about his issues.  i wonder if the adenoids are contributing to his slow weight gain.  He's only 21 pounds at 18 months old and 31" tall but he looks really healthy, happy, and eats pretty well.

As for our family in general, a BIG update is that we are planning on buying a house before the end of the year and then starting to try to conceive baby #2 next summer.  So wish us luck!

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