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Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I really have no idea if I even have any readers out there anymore.

Once life got busy for me, and routine-y, and I got a little (I mean a LOT) lazy I kind of just stopped blogging.  But I HAVE continued following everyone's else's blogs.

So here's an update: 

  • Ryan is going on 26 months on Sunday.  He is super smart (knows his colors, has a huge vocabulary, speaks in full sentences, knows lots of shapes, can count into the teens although he gets them mixed up sometimes, starting to sing the alphabet pretty accurately, starting to identify a few letters and numbers, etc) and a super funny/jokester like his daddy...  He's still small for his age at only around 24 pounds and I honestly don't know how many inches at this point.  Just yesterday he had surgery to have his adenoids removed and have tubes put back in his ears, which will hopefully reduce his ear/sinus infections and help him grow better (he's still able to fit most of his size 18 mo. pants!)
  • I went from 171 pounds (at 5'1" - yikes!) size 12 in April 2012 to 135 pounds size 6/8 in September 2012 mostly with the help of Weight Watchers (meetings & online).  I've been able to maintain at rougly between 135 and 138 since then but I feel myself creeping back up.  I am starting to eat better again and I can't wait until the warmer weather to go walking outside like I did last summer.  I'd love to get down to around 125 or fit into a size 4(ish).
  • We bought a HOUSE!  I think this should be higher up on this list but...this isn't necessarily in order of importance (even though Ryan is MOST important so he's right where he should be lol).  In October we closed on our first house and moved out of our apartment at the end of November.  It's so cool to say we're homeowners but the renovations have been expensive!!!!  Starting with a new roof for the house and garage, all new recessed lighting throughout the 1st floor living spaces and the basement, new boiler and new heating elements in the family room, new stove and dishwasher, and then all the "little" stuff like paiting and repaining this and that.  We're in the process of making the basement more of a livable space (painted the exposed ceiling, painted the walls, will soon be staining the concrete floor and putting up sheet rock around the boiler/hot water heater and laundry appliances) and then refinishing the deck and cleaning up the backyard...that should be fun!
  • I just celebrated my 5th anniversary at my job on Monday...yay me!
I think this is it for now.  I'll try to post updated pics soon. 

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  1. Hi, I just found your blog, it's very nice and nice facts of your little bundle of joy. xx